Your Getaway.

Whispering Pines Retreat can be found on a 27 acre bush lot, complete with fully grown white pine, spruce, cedar and black walnut trees. There are also oak, maple, cherry, elm and other tree species growing throughout the bush. In season, you can eat wild raspberries everywhere.

A little history. The white pine, spruce, cedar and black walnut trees were planted over 30 years ago on this 27 acre property. Originally, these trees were planted to be harvested. We are thankful that never occurred, so that we were able to build our home, enjoy the serenity of the property every day and able to call this retreat ‘home’.


The 12 foot deep pond can be enjoyed by all. It is a clean fresh water pond. You can sit on the deck, on the bench beside the pond or lounge on the beach. Feel free to relish the pond surroundings and the path that leads to the pond. At night, listen to the sounds of one of nature’s wonders…the harmonious sound of frogs singing and talking.


There is one main trail throughout the forest that is approximately 1.5 km long. There are a couple smaller trails. Besides the frogs around the pond, keep an eye out along your nature walk for blue jays, mourning doves, deer, wild turkeys, raccoons, red foxes, eagles, hawks, great horned owls, squirrels, jack rabbits, white tailed rabbits and many more. If you walk quietly, then there is a chance of seeing deer.