Awaken to nature’s beauty at Whispering Pines Retreat in St. Marys, Ontario!


Breathe the fresh country air...feel the crisp pond waters...hold hands while wandering the paths... and gaze at the wonderment of the stars through the pine trees.

The short journey from St.Marys, Ontario’s stone town, will take you to your own oasis, away from everything. Whispering Pines Retreat is only 10 minutes from St.Marys, 25 minutes from Stratford, 20-30 minutes from London, 45 minutes from Grand Bend and 2 hours from Toronto.

You may come in need of a connection to nature or just a break from everyday life. You will go home a different person, enriched from the experience of living among trees, away from the city.

Whispering Pines Retreat operates on solar power. It is one of Canada's larger off-grid establishments, 100% clean energy. Your biggest adjustment will be getting used to no noise. You will not hear the humming of electricity or the honking of car horns. Rather, you will be sung poetry by birds, hear the breeze whistling among the trees and be fully embraced by nature.

You enter Whispering Pines Retreat by driving down a quaint lane surrounded by towering pine and black walnut trees. As you amble around the pond, you will come to your home away from home. The 1,350+ square foot second floor welcomes you with many of the comforts of home including a queen size bed, dining table, automatic coffee maker, comfy sofa and loveseat, pool table and so much more. It's your own personal bed and breakfast to relax and enjoy. The open concept makes it easy to view nature even while you are inside – from trees to a sprawling farm field, to the many birds that make Whispering Pines Retreat their home.

Become re-energized and inspired with a stay at Whispering Pines Retreat. It's the getaway that will remain a part of you for life!

Your comfort is our chief concern. Ample space, and no shortage of amenities await your stay. Whispering Pines is more than a cottage, it's your retreat!

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